Een nieuw jaar Hearthstone!

2019 is alweer het vierde jaar dat Amsterdam Hearthstone Fireside Gatherings organiseert. Voor het eerst dit jaar hanteren we een club ranking, waarbij je na elk toernooi kunt zien hoe goed jij het doet vergeleken met de andere spelers. Alle informatie en de voorlopige lijst met data voor de Gatherings kun je vinden op de pagina Fireside.

See you by the hearth!
Lucas the Innkeeper

New tournaments coming up!

The next few Fireside Gathering tournaments are listed on our Battlefy page. Qualify for HCT Winter 2018 with our Tavern Hero Qualifiers on September 1st and October 6th.

Twitch Stream for the THQ on June 2

Check out the stream of our latest Fireside Gathering on our Twitch channel or the VOD's on YouTube.

AHL Fireside Tournament

Who is the Wozniak to your Jobs? The Rick to your Morty? Join with your partner in the upcoming 2v2 Hearthstone Tournament on April 7th! Register on BattleFy.

Vote to ban card for the Restricted Tournament on March 3

AHL Fireside Tournament #3 (March 3) will be in the brand new Restriced Format. We play Restriced Standard Conquest Bo5; 3 decks without ban. The list of five banned cards is decided by the community. That's you! Vote now. Register for the tournament on Battlefy here.

The Hall of Fame is live

The time has come to honor all winners of Amsterdam Hearthstone's Fireside Gathering Tournaments. May your BattleTags be sketched onto this digital stone tablet for all eternity!

See you at the HCT World Championship

The Amsterdam Hearhtstone Team is very very excited about the upcoming Hearthstone World Championship starting January 18 in Amsterdam! You absolutely cannot miss this epic event. There will be world-class eSports action, side events, an open tournament with big prizes and you will be able to meet famous players and the people who made this awesome game. See you there!

Unlock the new Warlock Hero

Free new hero skin at our Hallow's End Fireside Gathering on November 4th. Registration is open!

European Tavern vs Tavern Brawl

September 30th. 2v2 Team Tournament and Tavern vs Tavern Brawl. Registration open now!

Summer Tavern Hero Qualifiers

Amsterdam Hearthstone will be hosting two Tavern Hero Qualifiers this Summer: on June 4 and July 9. Win a ticket to the Tavern Hero Tournament (with a chance to continue to the Summer Championship) and many other prizes. Sign up now.

More info on the HS World Championship Tour 2016

Summer Tavern Hero Qualifier

Join our Tavern Hero Qualifier Tournament on Saturday June 24th. Registration opens June 1st.

Kabel versus Jade Lotus

Join us for our 19th Fireside Gathering on Saturday February 25. We have designed an all new and exciting tournament format called Kabal versus Jade Lotus. We hope you can join us. Check it out on our Fireside page.

European Brawl

Join us for the first ever European Fireside Gathering Brawl on Saturday January 28. Cities from around the continent, from St. Petersburg to Lissabon, will be battling it out in this cross-tavern tournament. We have invited a team of 3 professional players, all Amsterdam Hearthstone veterans, who will be defending the honor of the Netherlands in this epic event.

Check it out on our Fireside page.

Winter Tavern Hero Qualifier!

Amsterdam Hearthstone is proudly hosting another Winter Tavern Hero Qualifier. Just after Christmas and right before New Year's at our old and trusted location Spelletjescafe 2 Klaveren.

Test your mettle! The winner will move on to the next phase of the Hearthstone's 2017 Championship Tour. (More info.)

Registration open now!

Planned events for 2017

Another year full of Hearthstone events in Amsterdam is coming up. We are looking forward to welcoming you in 2017. Amsterdam Hearthstone will organize a Fireside Gathering every last Saturday of the month.

  • Saturday January 28th: FSG 18 and the first European Battle of the Taverns
  • Saturday February 25th: FSG 19
  • Saturday March 25th: FSG 20

Girl Gamers

The all female gamer blog Girl Gamer Galaxy wrote a piece about our last Fireside Gathering. Check it out!

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Welcome to our website

Welcome to the first iteration of the Amsterdam Hearthstone community website. You will see this site change a lot over the coming months. We hope you'll like it!

Summer Tavern Hero Qualifier

Special 2v2 Team Tournament on July 15th. Registration open now.