About Amsterdam Hearthstone

We are a friendly and welcoming gathering, open to all Hearthstone enthusiasts. Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned pro, we are sure you'll feel right at home with us.


In the Spring of 2015, Lucas (Innkeeper), a mediocre but enthousiastic Hearthstone player, was looking for other players to discuss strategy and play together. He couldn't find any Fireside Gatherings in his area. Instead of waiting around, he decided to organise one himself. He contacted Les (GVR) from the existing Meetup page, and Amsterdam Hearthstone was born.To be able to welcome the international crowd in the city as well as the local Dutch, all our events and communication are in English.

The ideal location was not hard to find. Spelletjescafe 2 Klaveren is a well known gaming pub in Amsterdam. It has been hosting Magic The Gathering, chess and bridge tournaments for more than 30 years now. The tavern is friendly, spacious, and open to game-lovers of all kinds.

We started out small, the first Fireside Gathering conisted of two handfuls of players. Hosting an FSG every month, the numbers steadily grew. Reactions have always been overwhelmingly positive, and lasting friendships (and rivalries) have been built over time. We are now a community of more than 20 steady members, an average of 40 players per gathering, and we have welcomed over 200 different gamers, from all over the country, in the last year.

Amsterdam Hearthstone works together with MessyCasts, a group of Twitch streamers who help organise and stream our events. Props go to Lumi (from theCasual Lumi Hearthstone stream), for designing our new logo and house style and Les (GVR) for designing this website and hosting our Meetup page. We have regular contact with other FSG organisers, such as Alphen and Utrecht's Fireside Gatherings. And we get supported by Blizzard, from time to time... If they answer our emails, that is ;)