Frequently asked Questions

(last update: Januari 2018)

Date and time

When is the next Amsterdam Hearthstone Fireside Gathering?

We organise a Fireside Gathering one Saturday every month. Check this website, or Facebook for the next date.


What is the location of the Fireside?

Spelletjescafe 2 Klaveren (De Clercqstraat 136, Amsterdam) is a friendly and cosy pub (bruin café) in Amsterdam-West that offers board and card games and hosts Magic The Gathering tournaments.

Public transport

  • It's very easy to get to the Fireside by public transport.
  • Take tram 13 (from Central Station) or tram 12 (from Station Sloterdijk) to Willem de Zwijgerlaan.
  • Check for times


  • Parking is available near 2 Klaveren for either €3 (west of the bridge) or €4 (east of the bridge) per hour.
  • A cheaper option is to park at Station Sloterdijk (€1 for the full day), see P+R Transferium Sloterdijk.

What if I get hungry?

No problem, the pub offers dinner, snacks, sandwiches and drinks at very reasonable prices.

Will there be WiFi?

Of course! There is a stable broadband internet connection at the Fireside. Just bring your own laptop, tablet or phone.


I don't speak Dutch. Is that a problem?

No problem. All of our communication is available in English. Also, Dutch players don't mind speaking English to you.

Is there an age minimum at your events?

Players of all ages are welcome. You do need written permission from your parents if you are under 16.

What does the Fireside cost?

It's free to come and have a chat, a drink and a friendly game. Tournament registration is usually 7,50. Tavern Hero Qualifiers are free to enter.

How do I register for the Fireside Gatherings and Tournament?

Right here.


Can I come without playing the tournament?

Of course! You are always welcome for a friendly game and a chat.

Do I have to bring my own device?

Yes. Bring a tablet, phone or laptop to play on (and don't forget your charger!). Make sure yyour device has the latest version of Heartsthone installed. There are enough power outlets to charge your device.

I'm a beginning player. Won't I get eliminated from the tournament right away?

No, you won't. We always start with five Swiss rounds without elimination.

Does my Hearthstone account have to be on the EU server?

Yes. You can only join the tournament if your account is on the EU server. Of course, you are welcome to come for a chat and a friendly game if you are on the Americas or Asia servers.

Can I join late?

Late admission to the tournament is not possible. If you arrive after the check-in ends, you cannot join the tournament. You may of course still attend to watch or play a side tournament.

Do I have to prepare for the tournament?

Yes. You prepare a number of decks of different classes in your Hearthstone account. (See the registration form for details.) These will be used in the tournament. You can't change them after the tournament has started.

It is a good idea to think about your deck line-up strategy: which decks can I beat and which do I lose against? What do I ban? If you are new, you should think about reading some online articles about Hearthstone tournament play. It requires a different strategy than laddered play.

Are there prizes for the tournament?

Yes. We always have prizes for the top 4 players. Prizes could be card packs, Blizzard goodies, gift cards and other fun stuff.

Tournament rules

What format do you play?

We usually play Swiss rounds and Conquest. But please check the registration form for the format of the tournament.

What is Swiss?

The structure of many tournaments is single (or double) elimination. This means you are remvoved from the tournament after losing one or two rounds. We do not like this.

We think Swiss is a much better system. You are not removed after losing a round. Instead, every player plays a guaranteed number of rounds. Ususally five. The first round is paired randomnly. The second round is paired based on how you did the round before. The losers face the losers, the winners face the winners, etc. This makes for a fun tournament experience for all players of all levels.

After a set number (usually five) of Swiss rounds, the top players (top 4, 6 or 8) move on to the single elimination fase to determine the winner.

What is banning?

Banning is a process where you remove one of your opponents decks for that rounds. In a best-of-5, every player brings 4 decks. Only 3 decks are used every round. You opponent chooses which one.

What's Conquest?